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 Die Punching, Creasing & Embossing Press    

Five Star Platen presses are designed for Die-Cutting, Scoring/Creasing and Embossing on wide range f materials e.g. Card board, Corrugated Board, a variety of Plastics & Vinyls, Cork, Leather, Foam and many more.

Precision in Cutting/Depth adjustments reduce make ready time. Ideally suited for short and long rungs. Other salient features are:

  • Platen & Frame made of high tensile cast iron for minimum deflection under load machined finished
    to best industry standards, dependable for many years of strenuous use.
  • The main Gears Shaft and connecting arms are mounted on Phosphorus Bronze Bushes. Ball/Roller Bearing Mounted Crank Shaft drives the Platen through a pair of high-speed Double Helical Gears (for increased strength) and two pairs of reduction Spiral Gears being lubricated by Grease/Oil.
  • Impression adjustment, independent for each side, set with the help of two eccentric bushes and graduated scales.
  • Electro-Magnetic Clutch & Brake System eliminates the possibility of time lag or overlap between driving and breaking. Electrically synchronized guards for maximum operator safety. One guard is located at the top of moving platen and the other is attached to the frame, the operator can stop the moving platen with the touch of Safety Guards. For additional protection, Drive Gear, Motor and Fly Wheel are equipped with covers.
  • Dwell Timing Device enables settings of delay (cycle time) from .5 to 30 seconds to suit the operational needs of a particular job, a Cycle (impression) counter also provided.

Standard Accessories

  • Single Dwell facility.
  • Automatic Sheet-Counter.
  • 2 Normal Chases.
  • 1 Standard M.S. Make-Ready Plate.
  • Manual Lubrication system.
  • Delivery -feeding tables
  • Complete set of service tools.

Accessories on Request

  • An imported Hardened & Ground-True "Specific" Make-Ready Plate.
  • Steel Chase with Adjustable Frame Bars.
  • Automatic Lubrication system.

Inside Chase size

20x26 in.

56x82cm. 22x32 in.

64x94cm. 25x37 in.

81x107cm. 32x42 in.

91x130cm. 36x51 in.

107x158cm. 42x62 in.

132x182cm. 52x72 in.

Platen size

58x73 cm.
23x29 in.

63x888cm. 25x35 in.

71x101cm. 28x40 in.

91x117cm. 36x46 in.

99x137cm. 39x54 in.

114x165cm. 45x65 in.

142x193cm. 56x76 in.

Elec. Load/Motor
















Weight (Approx.)

2.6 Tons

3.4 Tons

4.0 Tons

5.4 Tons

6.5 Tons

9.5 Tons

12.5 Tons

Floor Area (WxD)

63x54 in.

173x152cm. 68x60 in.

183x160cm. 72x63 in.

188x183cm. 74x72 in.

203x208cm. 80x82 in.

241x254cm. 95x100 in.

223x282cm. 88x111 in.



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